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We know you’re using dozens of different apps to get work done. And the shuffling and fragmentation are killing your team’s productivity. Finally, you can manage it all from a single place.

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winguPlus providing services and products that are exactly what your customers want cross selling products more effectively helping sales staff close deals faster.


Accounting, invoices, inventory, and financial reports.

Customer relationship management

CRM, pipelines, helpdesk, and email marketing campaigns.

People Management

HRIS, payroll, employee expenses, and time off tracking

See how your business is performing at all times

With winguPlus, you can make all the reports that you need to assess your business’s performance and possibilities at all times. It doesn’t stop there; you also have the option of analyzing any aspect of your company by creating custom tags that make it easier for you to find any information stored within winguPlus.

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One Click Invoice Creation
Build professional and great looking invoices. Attach files and send directly to your clients including the invoice PDF. Invoice with different tax based on item.

Create Quotes
Create quotes within a minute.Sent to your customers and wait to accept. Ability to auto convert the quotes to invoice after customer accept.

Custom Roles
Control what your team members can see and do with advanced user permissions and visibility settings. With custom roles, you can define different access levels for users

Leads Management
Get complete details about your customers conversations, deals (open, won or lost), touch points with your company, and the tasks and appointments scheduled with them.

Record Expenses
It takes seconds to record daily transactions. Put them into clear and visualized categories such as Expense: Food, Shopping or Income: Salary, Gift.

Record Payments
winguPlus tells you if a client is late in paying their bill and reminds them of their duty of payment. Receive invoice payment alerts on your account

winguPlus is one of the fastest web-based ERP software. You can access your business information from any device, any place, and at any time.

Send online invoices
Invoicing on-the-go is simple and everything is synced across all your devices. So you can stay on top of your billing and cash flow, no matter where you are.

Centralized database
Businesses have multiple branches across various locations. Collect and store all your information in a single, centralized database. It's easy to process and simple to access.

Streamline your HR processes
Bring all your HR activities under one roof. winguPlus comprehensive design bridges the gap between management and employees by simplifying all routine HR processes.

You get the best value for your money with this feature-rich ERP software.

Effortless leave management
Create, configure, and automate leave types for quick requests and easy approval. Track your employee leave and maintain records across departments.

Project Management
Manage everything about a project on one page, including time spent and billed, planned tasks and meetings, invoices and expenses, comments and files.

Task Manager
Manage your tasks more efficiently. Create the tasks that need your attention and helps you focus only on the stuff you need to do right now.

Your Groups Your Workflow
Organize your business tasks in a custom group that you can access right from your account.Create groups for clients, projects or whatever else you come up with.